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Hookups, Hiccups, and Happenstances.


Ove Brusendorff & Poul Henningsen’s book, “A History Of Eroticism”, published by Lyle Stuart, Inc., New York, 1966, opens with the following:

New Sex Problems in Literature

“Arthur Schnitzler’s “Reigen”, 1896-97, stands out as the best erotic work from the end of the century. It contains 10 dialogues, scenes of love, or rather, sex life, at the climaxes of which the poet knows how to be silent with ingenuity and allow the reader’s imagination to do the rest.

Prostitute and soldier, soldier and parlour-maid, maid and young master, the young master and a married woman, the married woman and her husband, the husband and a “nice girl”, this girl and the poet, the poet and the actress, the actress and the count, dance a round dance till the circle ends at the count and the prostitute. The sexual climaxes are described with just “Ah” and “Oh”. Despite the erotic extravagance a melancholy tone pervades the dialogues the aim of which is to say that every sexual pleasure always leaves a bitterness behind if sexual union happens without union of souls, a generalization which cannot be said too often.”

Sam L. Feldman's, “HOOKUP’S, HICCUP’S, HAPPENSTANCE’S”, 315 pages of short stories take place three quarters of a century into the future, specifically during the Sexual Revolution, (60’s & 70’s), when attitudes towards sex and morality are liberalized. Sex by either gender without guilt or shame, with whom or whoever.


These steamy stories are told through Butch, considered chic bait by women, hero by his buddies. Thirty-plus scenes of sex life, climaxes described in juicy detail, going full circle, with a surprise ending.

Through a bevy of playful women of every description Butch gets the message, it’s just sex!

Follow Butch from his romp with the Dancer to: Virginia, home office liaison, Sugar the cocktail waitress & the Dancer, Carol, best friends girlfriend, Rachel, Carol’s roommate, Marcia, best friends wife, Janet, pool guy’s wife, Mia, carnival stand gal, Carmelita, Phillipino sex goddess, Dawn, high school sweetheart, Tina, married next door apartment dweller, Mindy, part-time model & telephone company operator, Lila, red head masochist, Georgia, the petite one, Andrea, L A divorcée, Sofia Loren, the dream, Amber, neighborhood crush, Bahama seductress, Sarah, beauty & brains, Mary Jane, hometown sweetheart, Sherrie, jealous husband’s wife, Annie, young adjoining office worker, Naughty Thea, Aleksandra, nurse, Betty, queen of weight watchers, Dea & Dim, Misbehaving Double D's, Eve, pageant director, Diana, Palm Reader, Delilah, chocolate skinned wardrobe girl, Jennifer, double mastectomy conqueror, Sara, Oriental bar patron, Vicki, one arm bandit player, Dot, the pisser, Francesca, lesbian challenge, Butch’s wife, Sandy, & Marco, an Italian stallion. The surprise Romantic Climax will have girlfriends blushing over cocktails!

These stories are woven through events, places, and well-known people of the time. Take a walk on the wild side with Butch and revel in a fascinating era, the Sexual Revolution!

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 For the daring reader...

Willing to strap in for a provocative ride chock full of screams of ecstasy amidst the backdrop of a touching love story for the ages? 


Be prepared to laugh, cry, squirm and start intimate conversations with your loved ones after romping through a cultural revolution with Butch. 



Sex has been known to:







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The Stories

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1. Hookups, Hiccups & Happenstances

2-Wedding Cake final.jpg

2. The One

3-Room Key final.jpg

3. Sex, Romance & Marraige

4-Gemini final.jpg

4. Carnal Hiccups

5-Cowboy Boot final.jpg

5. 10+10+10=0

6-Pistol final.jpg

6. Mischievous Wives & Husbands with Guns

7-Twins final.jpg

7. Pants Down, Déjá Vu

8-Palm final.jpg

8. She Satisfied Her Curiosity Using One Line

9-Tiara final.jpg

9. There She Is...

10-Cancan Ballerina final- new 10.jpg

10. Just Desserts

11- Rules final- cropped_edited.jpg

11. Married Playmakers Rules

12-Champagne Bottle final.jpeg

12. Butches Swan Song

13- Motel Sign & Window Couple final2.jpeg

13. Full Circle

White Silk



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A Portion of the Profits of Hookups, Hiccups & Happenstances will be donated to Suicide Prevention.

About the Author

Sam Feldman and his wife, Nancy, live in upstate New York, where they raised two children, a son, James, and a daughter, Terri. Sam began an insurance and financial planning career in 1962, continuing six decades, becoming an expert and mentor in the field of Long-Term Care planning. That lead to a request...

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